I grew up in the foothills of the Cascade Range near Eugene, OR.  I believe this instilled in me a sense of respect and curiosity for all things in the wilderness.  My parents inspired interests in animals, nature, technology, motorcycles, and photography.  My father got me started in photography at 7 when he gave me my first point and shoot film camera.
Even with that start it wasn't until the solar eclipse of August 2017 that I realized that not only do I enjoy photography but I have a talent I could put to work.  So with that in mind I went out and purchased my first professional camera seeking to turn a hobby into a profession. 
My goal as a photographer is not to follow the standard ideas that are so common in each photography discipline. My desire is to combine my interests and yours to achieve photography that you not only enjoy looking at but enjoy in the process of taking as well.  Lifestyle and Sports portraiture from youth sports all the way to adult hobbies indoors and outdoors. I'll be there at your side capturing the experience for you to share. You doing what you enjoy to do. No costumes just you as you are.
Louis Stevenson
To reach me about photo sessions, licensing, or prints please fill out the contact form or reach me through one of my social media links found below. 
I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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